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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayTU903Marseille Airport (FR)02:59
MondayTU399Bamako-Senou Airport (ML)06:25
MondayTU643Vienna International Airport (AT)02:25
MondayTU215Istanbul Airport (TR)03:35
MondayTU2217Istanbul Airport (TR)09:22
MondayTU931Marseille Airport (FR)11:05
MondayTU997Cote D'Azur Airport (FR)11:17
MondayTU719Paris Orly Airport (FR)14:12
MondayTU363Guglielmo Marconi Airport (IT)13:36
MondayTU745Franz Josef Strauss Airport (DE)15:25
MondayTU701Geneve-Cointrin Airport (CH)15:45
MondayTU723Paris Orly Airport (FR)18:25
MondayTU543Franz Josef Strauss Airport (DE)18:50
MondayTU527Dusseldorf International Airport (DE)21:35
MondayTU851Lyon Saint-Exupery International Airport (FR)21:20
MondayTU217Istanbul Airport (TR)23:57
TuesdayTU717Paris Orly Airport (FR)11:25
TuesdayTU997Cote D'Azur Airport (FR)10:50
TuesdayTU789Brussels Airport (BE)13:25
TuesdayTU719Paris Orly Airport (FR)13:25
TuesdayTU903Marseille Airport (FR)14:20
TuesdayTU209Melita Airport (TN)16:26
TuesdayTU723Paris Orly Airport (FR)18:15
TuesdayTU851Lyon Saint-Exupery International Airport (FR)19:30
WednesdayTU629Bordeaux Airport (FR)02:16
WednesdayTU931Marseille Airport (FR)10:45
WednesdayTU757Milano Malpensa (IT)12:15
WednesdayTU719Paris Orly Airport (FR)14:08
WednesdayTU851Lyon Saint-Exupery International Airport (FR)19:11
WednesdayTU399Felix H. Boigny Airport (CI)05:50
WednesdayTU217Istanbul Airport (TR)23:20
WednesdayTU397Niamey Airport (NE)02:32
WednesdayTU841Aéroport B. Diagne (SN)04:51
ThursdayTU931Marseille Airport (FR)10:55
ThursdayTU997Cote D'Azur Airport (FR)11:00
ThursdayTU701Geneve-Cointrin Airport (CH)11:48
ThursdayTU789Brussels Airport (BE)13:40
ThursdayTU719Paris Orly Airport (FR)14:15
ThursdayTU723Paris Orly Airport (FR)18:15
ThursdayTU851Lyon Saint-Exupery International Airport (FR)18:50
ThursdayTU283Blagnac Airport (FR)19:20
ThursdayTU725Paris Orly Airport (FR)23:15
ThursdayTU217Istanbul Airport (TR)23:15
FridayTU564Nouakchott Oumtounsy Int'l (MR)05:20
FridayTU399Niamey Airport (NE)05:45
FridayTU217Istanbul Airport (TR)02:52
FridayTU554Melita Airport (TN)08:01
FridayTU648Melita Airport (TN)08:16
FridayTU931Marseille Airport (FR)11:00
FridayTU851Lyon Saint-Exupery International Airport (FR)11:55
FridayTU719Paris Orly Airport (FR)13:35
FridayTU789Brussels Airport (BE)13:50
FridayTU555Strasbourg Airport (FR)14:52
FridayTU745Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)15:00
FridayTU649Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)15:51
FridayTU723Paris Orly Airport (FR)18:10
FridayTU247Melita Airport (TN)18:02
FridayTU543Franz Josef Strauss Airport (DE)19:03
FridayTU701Geneve-Cointrin Airport (CH)19:10
SaturdayTU717Paris Orly Airport (FR)11:11
SaturdayTU997Cote D'Azur Airport (FR)10:40
SaturdayTU931Marseille Airport (FR)11:00
SaturdayTU753Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (IT)12:35
SaturdayTU757Milano Malpensa (IT)12:09
SaturdayTU789Brussels Airport (BE)13:30
SaturdayTU701Zurich Airport (CH)13:35
SaturdayTU793London Gatwick Airport (GB)19:10
SaturdayTU723Paris Orly Airport (FR)18:15
SaturdayTU719Paris Orly Airport (FR)19:15
SaturdayTU851Lyon Saint-Exupery International Airport (FR)19:05
SaturdayTU527Dusseldorf International Airport (DE)20:35
SaturdayTU283Blagnac Airport (FR)22:00
SaturdayTU217Istanbul Airport (TR)23:30
SaturdayTU215Istanbul Airport (TR)23:35
SundayTU2215Istanbul Airport (TR)04:34
SundayTU217Istanbul Airport (TR)02:41
SundayTU2217Istanbul Airport (TR)02:42
SundayTU851Lyon Saint-Exupery International Airport (FR)10:50
SundayTU757Milano Malpensa (IT)12:20
SundayTU997Cote D'Azur Airport (FR)11:59
SundayTU719Paris Orly Airport (FR)13:25
SundayTU789Brussels Airport (BE)13:50
SundayTU745Frankfurt am Main Airport (DE)13:40
SundayTU481Melita Airport (TN)17:45
SundayTU643Vienna International Airport (AT)19:35
SundayTU723Paris Orly Airport (FR)19:00
SundayTU903Marseille Airport (FR)18:35
SundayTU701Geneve-Cointrin Airport (CH)19:15
SundayTU283Blagnac Airport (FR)19:50
SundayTU712Mohamed V Airport (MA)22:35
SundayTU215Istanbul Airport (TR)23:25
SundayTU841Aéroport B. Diagne (SN)04:30
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
TU712 on 04/2021
TU719 on 04/2021
TU851 on 04/2021
TU527 on 04/2021
TU217 on 04/2021
TU757 on 02/2021
TU717 on 02/2021
TU701 on 02/2021
TU789 on 02/2021
TU841 on 02/2021
TU283 on 02/2021
TU717 on 02/2021
TU527 on 01/2021
TU363 on 01/2021
TU861 on 01/2021
TU723 on 01/2021
TU227 on 01/2021
TU723 on 01/2021
TU283 on 01/2021
TU701 on 12/2020
TU931 on 12/2020
TU789 on 12/2020
TU217 on 12/2020
TU564 on 12/2020
TU397 on 12/2020
TU841 on 12/2020
TU251 on 11/2020
TU695 on 11/2020
TU694 on 11/2020
TU217 on 11/2020
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Humidity: 87%
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